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stopidhead's Journal

a dead man
27 March
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i like music and change my favorite song more than i change my um
fuck i don't wear underwear
well i change it a lot
i listen to a lot of stuff
i like ebm, and synth-pop, glam, 80's, electroclash and noise
i like really odd music that most people look at you funny for
i don't like vnv nation nither bella morte
i'm not goth i'm just kinda silly
i am not a model i just model there is a difernce
i'm not a rockstar because i think about being a rockstar
i would make well for that journalist that follows them around for 5 years
if you see me in a club half the time i'm the only person that can't leagly buy a drink
i only drink liquor and i rarly do that
but wait folks theres more
i am almost a dj
almost a artist
almost a poet
almost a lover
and almost a good person
almost a lot but never quite all the way
i'll take the time to get you every thing you want and not bat a eye as i take it from you
i'm an ass by habbit
i'm short
been told well endowed
and really don't care half the time
i carry a knife
and collect gas masks
if you want to read about my every day affiars go to dizortedsoundz
p.s. jack gose with coke very well no matter how you read that
40's, a-lines, a.r.e. weapons, absinthe, add n to x, adult., air, alcohol, analog, and one, androgynous, angled haircuts, anorexia, anything but art, atari, atari teenage riot, avenue d, b-movies, bauhaus, big stompy boots, bis, black flag, blondes, blondie, bondage, bowie, branding, breakcore, breaking stuff, chain smoking, chicks on speed, clippers, club trash, commodore 64, consume, cooking, cropped hair, curling irons, cut ups, cyborgs, dada, dancing, dark makeup, dark roots, dj hell, donkey punch, doormouse, drugged looks, duran duran, eating disorders, ec8or, electro, electroclash, electrotrash, enemy, ethanol, eurotrash, existentialism, eyeliner, fake diamonds, fake eyelashes, fashion design, fast things, fighting my arch-enemy, fischerspooner, fishnets, fornication, frank sinatra, gomi, hair dressers, hairstylists, hardcore, hate, hating louis vuitton, heavy make up, her, high heels, high-end fashion, him, hugo ball, human league, kid 606, kraftwerk, ladytron, les savy fav, looking cool, lust, maraschino cherries, ministry, miss kittin, mods, moog, nag nag nag, nyquil, peaches, pin-up girls, plastic shit, pop rocks, pop-art, porn, psychedelic furs, quasi futuristic clothing, queens of japan, razor cuts, razors, red, reverse mullets, robots, rockabilly, runway models, sex, shizuo, sleazy electro, sluts, soft cell, sounds, southern girls, spalding rockwell, static, stealing other peoples interests, stencils, stilettoes, strongbad, sunglasses at night, synth, texas, the 50s, the color red, the damned, the dead kennedys, thigh highs, trash, tristan tzara, ultra-violence, vargas, venetian snares, victimless crimes, vinyl, w.i.t.